Recipe: Yummy Hungarian Cabbage Roll Soup

Hungarian Cabbage Roll Soup. Great recipe for Hungarian Cabbage Roll Soup. This recipe makes easy work of traditional cabbage rolls. Hungarian cabbage soup is very economical to prepare and the cabbage makes you instantly full. It is said that this soup was a common comfort for Russian peasants. Health  This cabbage roll soup has … Read more

Recipe: Appetizing Pat Slovacek's Cabbage Roll Soup FUSF

Pat Slovacek's Cabbage Roll Soup FUSF. Great recipe for Pat Slovacek's Cabbage Roll Soup FUSF. With a panache of Mediterranean flavor from the Italian sausage and orzo, this heritage Polish classic features rich tomato broth, aromatics, and a hint of sweetness. And it's a one-pot dish! mommao. Make batter by beating eggs and milk together … Read more