Recipe: Yummy Oha Soup Recipe

Oha Soup Recipe. Ora (Oha) soup is native to the South Eastern Nigeria. Ora (Oha) Soup is special because the tender ora leaves used in preparing this soup recipe are seasonal unlike their bitterleaf counterpart. Oha soup is all I've been craving lately and I really wanted to share my recipe with you.

Oha Soup Recipe Oha soup isn't exactly a go-to kind of soup because the main. I am a lover of soups and everyone around me knows that. Each time I visit a new environment, all I ask about on entering any of their restaurants is the different types of soups available and I opt for. You can cook Oha Soup Recipe using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Oha Soup Recipe

  1. You need 2 lbs of Beef.
  2. It’s leaves of Plucked Oha.
  3. It’s Half of cup palm oil.
  4. It’s of Dried fish.
  5. Prepare 2 tbs of crayfish.
  6. It’s 2 tbs of dried pepper.
  7. You need 3 tbs of achi thickener.
  8. It’s of Salt.
  9. It’s of Seasoning.

Oha soup is one of Nigeria's most delicious soup. Learn how to prepare ora soup the exact way an Igbo woman would like to do it, then a lot about other Nigerian foods. Oha soup(a.ka;Ora/Uha soup or Ofe Oha/uha/ Ora) is a delicious Soup recipe from the eastern part of Nigeria. It is one of those native Igbo soups that you taste and just can't forget.

Oha Soup Recipe step by step

  1. In a pot, add cut and washed beef. Then add dried pepper, crayfish, and salt and seasoning to taste. Add water a level a bit over the beef and stir. Cover the pot and allow to cook..
  2. When the beef is halfway cooked, add palm oil, stir and allow to cook for about 5 mins, then add dried fish..
  3. Dissolve achi in a bit of water and add to the pot and stir. In the absence of Achi, you can use another soup thickener available. Allow to cook for about 2 mins..
  4. Add plucked Oha leaves to the pot, stir, and allow cook for 5 mins and you Oha Soup is ready. It is imperative that the leaves are plucked, not sliced or pounded, the leaves are to remain whole to avoid a bitter taste..

Description: Are you looking for lip-smackingly delicious meal ideas? If so, serve this mouth-watering oha soup with garri swallow for a truly exceptional dish. Oha soup is an African traditional soup prepared with oha leaves. The recipe for oha soup is very easy. TASTY OHA SOUP RECIPE / SPECIAL NIGERIAN OHA/ORA SOUP от : The Afro Food Diary Oha soups is a traditional soup widely enjoyed in the Eastern part of the country.