How to Cook Tasty Grilled cheese and soup

Grilled cheese and soup. This soup is like a hotter cousin, but honestly the star of the show. I made a half recipe with half the veggie stock and roasted tomatoes leaving everything else the same, and it was probably the best thing I've ever made. The grilled cheese ended up being a vessel for the tomato soup!

A piping hot bowl of your favorite tomato soup served with a grilled cheese sandwich, golden brown and oozing with cheese – now that's a dinner combination that just can't be beat! "Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich? I've eaten a ton of them in my life, and I still love them. But now everywhere I go restaurants feature 'comfort food,' trying to re-create the familiar grilled cheese on white bread we all grey up eating with canned tomato soup. You can have Grilled cheese and soup using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Grilled cheese and soup

  1. It’s of Bread.
  2. Prepare of Cheese.
  3. Prepare of Butter.
  4. It’s of Your favorite soup.

But grilled cheese and soup are more than just casual acquaintances. We love rounding out a meal of soup with a crusty, gooey grilled cheese—satisfying and complementary without stealing the show. (See? What a pal.) Here are our best tips and recipes from the archives. Progresso Beef & Vegetable and Gouda Grilled Cheese.

Grilled cheese and soup step by step

  1. Make a grilled cheese.
  2. Warm up your soup.

Hearty Beef & Vegetable soup is a pantry essential, ready for anytime you need a quick, comforting meal. The ideal cheese to pair with it is a rich, buttery Gouda that adds a little extra ooey-gooey indulgence. Combine two favorite comfort foods into one Velvety Grilled Cheese Soup! Try serving this creamy grilled cheese soup with a tossed leafy green salad. Our Melts & Soups & Salads are the perfect union of unique flavor combinations and familiar comfort foods that hit the spot, every time. "First time there great grilled cheese and the girl that waited on me was very helpful!