How to Cook Delicious Tomatoes egg drop soup

Tomatoes egg drop soup. If the thought of making soup in the middle of summer has you scratching your head, read on! Tomato Egg Drop Soup: A Summer Staple. Having soup in the summer is unthinkable to many.

Tomatoes egg drop soup Pour the egg into the centre of the vortex and stir vigorously to form the lacy egg. Successful tomato egg drop soup has a strong sweet and sour taste. Without the help of canned tomatoes, I fry one tomato until very thick and soft. You can have Tomatoes egg drop soup using 8 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Tomatoes egg drop soup

  1. Prepare 4 pcs of tomatoes.
  2. Prepare 5 bowl of water.
  3. It’s of Salt.
  4. It’s of White pepper.
  5. It’s 1 of egg.
  6. You need of Dried Lili flowers (Kam cham).
  7. Prepare of Sesame oil.
  8. You need of Spring onion.

During the strongly boiling process, the tissues are broken and spread evenly in the soup base, which provides the very basic aroma of a tomato soup. It's quick, easy, nourishing, and it hits the spot like a good bowl of noodle soup always does. In addition to today's recipe, I've also compiled a list of some of our easiest, fastest recipes–perfect fits for those last minute, back-up plan. Egg drop soup is an easy Chinese favorite and a delicious dinner starter.

Tomatoes egg drop soup instructions

  1. Put the tomatoes on fire for a while,just like bbq😄 to remove the skin,cut pieces.Put a bit sesame oil on to the pot,fried tomatoes till come out the juice. Then put the water, boil for 15minut..
  2. Soak dried Lili flowers (Kam cham) in the water for about 15minute. Wash twice to remove yellow colour and sour taste. Then put in soup boil for 5minute, beat the egg pour slowly in to the soup. Put some salt and pepper, ready to serve. sprinkle spring onion for garnish..

The English name—rather literally—comes from dropping a raw, lightly-beaten egg into hot chicken broth, but the direct Chinese translation is "egg flower soup" because of the floating petal-like pattern that the egg makes as it cooks and swirls. Tasty food doesn't have to be complicated. Today I'm sharing a very homely dish: Egg drop soup with tomato (番茄蛋汤), one of the most popular soups on the dining table of Chinese households. I would love to hear from you. Happy cooking and see you again!