Recipe: Yummy Creamy Bacon Mushroom Soup (Keto/Low Carb)

Creamy Bacon Mushroom Soup (Keto/Low Carb). This keto creamy chicken soup makes a rich and tasty weeknight meal. But if you need a keto substitute for the high carb canned soup, try Warm up with some delicious keto chicken soup with bacon and mushrooms. It's sure to take the chill out on a cool fall or winter day and satisfy hunger.

Creamy Bacon Mushroom Soup (Keto/Low Carb) In a large saucepan, place the butter, leek, and garlic and saute over medium heat. Mushrooms are an excellent choice for keto diets or any other low-carb diet. When used with other high-fat ingredients like our low-carb keto cream of mushroom. You can have Creamy Bacon Mushroom Soup (Keto/Low Carb) using 9 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Creamy Bacon Mushroom Soup (Keto/Low Carb)

  1. It’s 2 cups of chicken broth.
  2. You need 227 g of Mushrooms (small pkg).
  3. Prepare 3 slices of bacon.
  4. You need 1/3 cup of almond flour.
  5. You need 200 g of cream cheese.
  6. It’s 1/2 of small onion.
  7. Prepare 2 tbsp of avocado oil.
  8. Prepare 1 tbs of heavy cream.
  9. Prepare 1/2 tsp of Italian spice.

Creamy, cheesy and delicious, this low carb spinach soup will be your favorite recipe to make. We use bone broth to be the base of this soup. In the meantime, bake bacon in the oven or fry in a pan until crispy then chop into small bits. Skip this step if you already have bacon bits available or if you use.

Creamy Bacon Mushroom Soup (Keto/Low Carb) instructions

  1. Add bacon, onion and mushroom to frying pan. Cook to until brown add to soup pot..
  2. In soup pot (concurrent with step 1), add broth, cream cheese, oil, pepper, Italian spice together..
  3. Simmer 15 mins add almond flour and heavy cream. Stir well..

A fabulous mushroom recipe prepared with butter, garlic, bacon & cream. You'll love this quick & easy side dish that's also low-carb and Keto. Garlic mushrooms cooked in a creamy butter sauce are absolutely spectacular. Everyone needs a go-to mushroom recipe and this one should definitely be. This creamy mushroom soup uses cream cheese to beautifully thicken this delicious soup.