Recipe: Appetizing 西洋菜排骨汤 Watercress Pork Rib Soup

西洋菜排骨汤 Watercress Pork Rib Soup. A nutritious and earthy soup that reminds me of home. Chinese Watercress Soup Recipe (西洋菜汤) – Souper Diaries Simple and easy-to-prepare Chinese watercress with pork ribs soup recipe. Old Cucumber Soup w/ Pork Ribs 老黄瓜排骨汤.

西洋菜排骨汤 Watercress Pork Rib Soup Serving familiar Chinese style food and nutritious soups using traditional recipes. Dong Sheng is a brand under. 西洋菜猪骨汤Watercress soup. 甜虾南瓜汤Shrimp pumpkin soup. 酸辣汤Hot & Sour Soup . . 田园美食鱿鱼酸辣汤Sour and spicy squid soup. 田园美食 苦瓜排骨煲bitter melon pork rib pot. 田园美食–高汤白菜卷Cabbage meat rolls pot. 甜品Dessert饮品Drinks. 田园美食 芒果糯米饭Mango sticky rice . Add in the wet starch mix and gently pour in the egg white, gently stir the soup and the soup sir easy. You can have 西洋菜排骨汤 Watercress Pork Rib Soup using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of 西洋菜排骨汤 Watercress Pork Rib Soup

  1. It’s of 西洋菜 Watercress (200g).
  2. You need of 萝卜 Carrot (1).
  3. It’s of 排骨 Pork ribs (250g).
  4. It’s of 红枣 Red dates (4-6).

Immediately set the soup into bowls to prevent the squid from being over. Chinese Soup Recipes Healthy Soup Recipes Asian Recipes Cooking Recipes Watercress Soup Chinese Herb Soup Cantonese Cuisine Soup Dish Asian Soup Violet's Kitchen ~♥紫羅蘭的爱心厨房♥~ : 西洋菜排骨汤 Watercress and Pork Rib Soup Looking for food delivery menu from Charcoal Roasted Delights – [email protected]? Order now and get it delivered to your doorstep with GrabFood. 西洋菜汤 Watercress Soup 银鱼仔芥菜 Kailan w/Ikan Bilis 磨菇耗油鸡 Chicken w/Oyster Sauce & Mushr 大葱炒蛋 Fried Egg w/Onion 茄汁香肠 Fried Sausage w/Tomato Sauce 青豆肉碎汤 Green Pea Soup 菜豆鱼饼 Long Bean w/Fish Cake 西柠鱼片 Lemon Fish 豆油肉 Pork w/Brown Sauce 五香肉 Ngoh Hiang 咸菜鸭汤 蘑菇汤 Mushroom Soup. 香炒茄子 Fried Brinjal . 宫保鱼片 Fish w/Dried Chilli. 红烧扣肉 Braised Pork 洋葱沙丁鱼 Sardines Fish w/Onion . 鱼丸汤 Fish Ball Soup. 蚝油小白菜 Xiao Bai Chye w/Oyster Sauce . 青椒鸡丁 Chicken w/Green Pepper. 麻坡豆腐 Ma Po Beancurd 美人鱼 Fried Fish . 八珍排骨汤 Pork Rib Soup . 炸午餐肉Fried Lunchoen Meat 西洋菜汤Watercress Soup 银鱼仔芥菜Kailan w/Ikan Bilis 磨菇耗油鸡Chicken w/Oyster Sauce Mushr 大葱炒蛋Fried Egg w/Onion 茄汁香肠Fried Sausage w/Tomato Sauce 青豆肉碎汤Green Pea Soup 菜.

西洋菜排骨汤 Watercress Pork Rib Soup step by step

  1. 汆烫排骨 Blanch pork ribs with hot water.
  2. 把所有材料和水放入压力锅,加1小搓盐,煮20分钟 Put all ingredients and water into pressure cooker, add a pinch of salt, cook for 20mins.