How to Make Delicious Jade corn soup and paneer-corn patra

Jade corn soup and paneer-corn patra. Jade's Macaroni. beef, onion, tomato soup, water, worchestershire sauce, shredded chedder cheese, macaroni Prerita Shah. Jade's Macaroni. beef, onion, tomato soup, water, worchestershire sauce, shredded chedder cheese, macaroni Prerita Shah. Jade corn soup and paneer-corn patra. #greenveg Great recipe for Papad poha.

Jade corn soup and paneer-corn patra Chicken ball with mayo and corn👌👌😋. Their menu is an eclectic mix of flavours and recipes in vegetarian, meat and seafood. Our in house catering team of chefs with experience and knowledge from various regional cuisines of the Indian culture as well as a fusion twist of international […] Shri Sham Caterers – Caterers for Boat Club Chinese, Indian. You can have Jade corn soup and paneer-corn patra using 35 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Jade corn soup and paneer-corn patra

  1. You need of For soup.
  2. It’s 250 GM of spinach puree.
  3. It’s 2 tablespoon of carrot chopped.
  4. It’s 1 tablespoon of green beans.
  5. Prepare 2 tablespoon of American corn.
  6. You need 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil.
  7. Prepare 1/2 tablespoon of butter.
  8. You need 1 tablespoon of garlic chopped.
  9. You need 250 ml of vegetable stock.
  10. Prepare 1 tablespoon of corn flour diluted.
  11. You need 1 teaspoon of salt.
  12. You need 1 teaspoon of white paper powder.
  13. You need of For patra.
  14. You need 5 of peas colocasia leaves.
  15. Prepare of For stuffing.
  16. You need 2 cups of paneer.
  17. Prepare 1 cups of American corn paste.
  18. It’s of Salt as per test.
  19. It’s 1/2 spoon of chilli powder.
  20. It’s 1 tablespoon of chat masala.
  21. It’s of For beasan mixture.
  22. Prepare 11/2 cup of besan(Garam)flour.
  23. Prepare 2 tablespoon of rice flour.
  24. Prepare of Salt as per taste.
  25. Prepare 1 spoon of ginger-chilli paste.
  26. It’s 1 spoon of chilli powder.
  27. You need 1/2 spoon of turmeric.
  28. Prepare 4 spoon of sugar/ jugrry.
  29. Prepare 1 teaspoon of asafoetida.
  30. It’s 2 tablespoon of lemon juice/ turmarind pulpe.
  31. Prepare of For sauté / toss.
  32. You need 2 tablespoon of oil.
  33. You need 1 spoon of mustard seeds.
  34. It’s 2 tablespoon of sesame seeds.
  35. It’s 1 teaspoon of asafoetida.

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Jade corn soup and paneer-corn patra step by step

  1. First par boiled carrot, green beans and American corn.
  2. Take a pan add oil+ butter and add garlic sauté then add vegetable 2 minit saute.
  3. Then add spinach purée sauté 2 minit and add vegetable stock and boiled it then add con flour, salt and white paper powder and 5 mint boiled then ready Jade corn soup.
  4. Take colocasia leaves and wash it then dry it then remove the veins using knife.For stuffing Now take a bowl add paneer and corn paste add salt, chilli powder and chat masala mix it properly..
  5. Now take a bowl add garam flour and rice flour then add salt, ginger- chilli paste, chilli powder, turmeric, sugar, asafoetida, lemon juice mix it well..
  6. Now on leaf apply beasan mixture and spread it properly now then sprinkle stuffing on a leaf the roll it properly. All leaves are continue process and roll it.
  7. Now all put it in steamer for steam for 20 minit then cool it room temperature then cut it keep aside.
  8. Now heat Kadhai add oil muster seeds, sesame seeds and asafoetida then add patra toss it properly medium flame gently then ready to serve hot patra and soup.

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