Recipe: Appetizing pork Vegetable soup

pork Vegetable soup.

pork Vegetable soup You can have pork Vegetable soup using 14 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of pork Vegetable soup

  1. Prepare of water.
  2. You need of pork belly cut in cubes.
  3. Prepare of carrots sliced in cubes.
  4. Prepare of potatoes sliced in cubes.
  5. Prepare of cabbage.
  6. It’s of onion.
  7. You need of tomato.
  8. You need of ginger.
  9. Prepare of salt.
  10. Prepare of garlic salt (optional).
  11. It’s of fish sauce (optional).
  12. You need of of brocolli.
  13. Prepare of bell pepper green and red.
  14. It’s of chinese cabbage or spinach.

pork Vegetable soup instructions

  1. Put the sliced pork meat into the pan with water, cover it, bring to boil and just cook the meat for 30-40mins. to make it tender..
  2. If the meat is already a lil bit tender usually i changed the water to take out the fats that you will see in the water after boiling. Put a new water a little bit lesser from 2 liters just a little bit and bring it to boil again, dont forget to cover!.
  3. Now it's boiling you can put the onion, ginger, tomatoe and the salt. Mix and Cover it again. :).
  4. After 10mins. you can put now the carrots and potatoes mix and cover it again :).
  5. When you see it boiling again you van put now the optional ingredients..
  6. When you see that the vegetables were already cook you can put now the remaining ingredients like brocolli, bell pepper steam it for a little while and lastly put the chinese cabbage or spinach :).