Recipe: Perfect 玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup

玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup. This simple, light soup has a flavorful broth, a unique hint of sweetness from the corn, and is great served hot on a cold day (or if you have a cold). 天气转凉,煮一锅鲜甜的玉米排骨汤来喝,暖暖身,还能健脾益胃! A bowl of warm corn soup is best to enjoy on a cold rainy day, and the fiber in corn may benefit the stomach! – Author: Bee Leng. Sweet corn pork rib soup has lots of nutrients from its ingredients, is naturally sweet and has beautiful colours, so kids will LOVE this Blanch the pork ribs beforehand to remove blood and blood clots, so there will not be a strong pork smell after cooking.

玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup DID You make this chinese sweet corn pork ribs recipe? I love it when you guys snap a photo and tag to show me what you've made 🙂 Stir in the goji berries after the pork ribs soup is done cooking. Have a taste and season with salt to your taste. You can cook 玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of 玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup

  1. You need of 玉米 Sweet corn (1).
  2. You need of 紫萝卜,红萝卜 Carrots (purple &, red 1 each).
  3. It’s of 排骨 Pork ribs (250g).

Garnish with chopped green onion and. I have not cooked this soup for long, more than a year I think. Always cooked it when I lived in Singapore years ago. This is a simple and popular home cooked soup, each cook makes her own recipe by adding different ingredients in it.

玉米萝卜排骨汤 Sweet Corn Pork Rib Soup instructions

  1. 玉米,萝卜切块 Cut sweet corns and carrots into sections.
  2. 汆烫排骨 Blanch pork ribs with hot water.
  3. 把所有材料和水放入压力锅,加1小搓盐,煮20分钟 Put all ingredients and water into pressure cooker, add a pinch of salt, cook for 20mins.

I cooked this soup for my lunch and dinner today. As you know , kids love sweet corn and this soup is prepared from fresh corns. Miki's Food Archives : Sweet Corn & Lotus Root Pork Ribs Soup 玉米莲藕排骨汤-增强新陈代谢,降血脂,润肠 A Chinese soup best enjoyed as a naturally sweet, hearty and comforting stew of tender pork ribs with water chestnuts, carrots, dried figs and red dates. Sweet corn soup is usually served as a starter before the Indo Chinese main meal. However it tastes so delicious and can just be had anytime of the day.