How to Cook Perfect Crockpot taco soup with beer

Crockpot taco soup with beer. Place the onion, chili beans, black beans, corn, tomato sauce, beer and diced tomatoes in your crock pot. Add taco seasoning to the mix and stir. Lay the uncooked chicken breasts on the top of the mixture and press down slightly slightly so they are covered by the liquid of the soup.

Crockpot taco soup with beer Made mostly of canned ingredients, this tasty soup lets the slow cooker do the work so you don't have to! At first, I tried putting this all in Mr. So I pulled out Sir Hamilton, my Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated Slow Cooker, to whip this one up. You can cook Crockpot taco soup with beer using 14 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Crockpot taco soup with beer

  1. Prepare of ground beef (The less fat the better).
  2. You need of ground Italian sausage.
  3. Prepare of I onion chopped.
  4. You need of green or red bell pepper, chopped chunky.
  5. You need of finely chopped & seeded jalapeños.
  6. It’s of small can puréed tomatoes.
  7. Prepare of Rotel, mild or spicy.
  8. It’s of tomato sauce, 8 oz.
  9. You need of beer, 8 oz. (use a beer that you would drink).
  10. Prepare of minced garlic.
  11. Prepare of Chili powder.
  12. Prepare of Ground cumin.
  13. Prepare of May add cayenne pepper.
  14. Prepare of red kidney beans,drained & rinsed.

This is a great recipe for beginners or anyone short on time. Add the remaining ingredients for the soup and stir to combine. Brown beef in a large pot until no longer pink, draining off all fat. Mix all remaining ingredients (except the corn tortillas and the salt) into the same pot with the beef.

Crockpot taco soup with beer step by step

  1. Begin browning ground beef & Italian sausage, chopping up meat into pieces. As fat begins to come out of meat, add the veggies. Cook & stir till onion is transparent & veggies are semi soft. Pour meat & veggies into colander to drain grease. Then put in crockpot. Add tomato products & beer. Add seasonings to taste. Salt to taste. Cook on low for 6-8 hours, adding kidney beans an hour before serving..
  2. Top with chopped onion, cheese, & cilantro.
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Brush both sides of each tortilla with vegetable oil. This soup would be awesome to make for a Super Bowl party. Just keep in in the crock on warm, serve in coffee mugs or small bowls… PERFECT! Place chopped onions, beans, corn, tomato sauce, tomatoes, and beer into the slow cooker. Add taco seasoning and stir to mix together.