Recipe: Appetizing Corn soup

Corn soup. Corn soup is a soup made of corn, typically sweetcorn. Initially popular only in corn-producing areas of the world, the dish is now widespread because of greater corn distribution. So, I figured it was prime time to add some corn soup to my repertoire, especially since it lends itself to.

Corn soup Sweet corn soup is a popular soup from the Indo Chinese cuisine & is very common on the Indian Chinese restaurant menus. It is a favorite among many Indians. How To Make Summer Corn Soup. You can have Corn soup using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Corn soup

  1. You need 150 grams of Sweet corn (cream style).
  2. Prepare of Carrot finely chopped 1/2 medium.
  3. You need of Cauliflower finely chopped 1/4 medium.
  4. You need 4-5 of French beans finely chopped.
  5. It’s 2 tablespoons of Cornflour/ corn starch.
  6. It’s to taste of Salt.
  7. Prepare 1/4 teaspoon of Black pepper powder.

To begin, remove the husks and silks from the corn and set one ear of corn aside. Corn Soup is a perfect blend of summer herbs and vegetables. The fresh from the garden (or field) sweet corn is complemented by a vegetable medley like no other. This "souper" easy soup is done in only minutes—plus you can easily change out the corn for any frozen vegetable of your choice.

Corn soup instructions

  1. Ek pan mein pani boil hone rakhe fir isme chopped carrot dale ise 5mnt tak pakne de.
  2. Ab isme cauliflower ko dale iske 5 mnt bad French beans ko dal kar chalaye..
  3. Grind and boil sweet corn ko mix kare or continue chalate rahe.
  4. Cornflour ko ek bowl mein ghol kar isme dhere 2 mix kare 5 mnt tk.
  5. Ise gas se utar le or salt and black paper mix kar ke soup bowl mein nikal kar serve kare.

The possibilities are many, but the result is always the same: delicious! This Chinese Corn Soup, also known as Egg Drop Soup, will blow your mind. It tastes just like what you get at Chinese restaurants, is so fast to make and you don't even need to chop a single thing. This creamy corn soup is one just example. It's light, it's tasty, it's creamy – and it's satisfyingly filling!