Recipe: Tasty Grandpa's Vegetable Soup

Grandpa's Vegetable Soup.

Grandpa's Vegetable Soup You can have Grandpa's Vegetable Soup using 7 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Grandpa's Vegetable Soup

  1. It’s 1 pound of hamburger meat.
  2. It’s 1-29 oz of can Veg-All (drained).
  3. You need 1-15 oz of can peas (drained).
  4. You need 1-15.25 oz of can corn (drained).
  5. It’s 1-28 oz of can tomatoes (we used crushed).
  6. Prepare 1-15 oz of can tomatoe sauce.
  7. You need of Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb Seasoning.

Grandpa's Vegetable Soup instructions

  1. Brown and drain hamburger meat.
  2. Throw everything else in.
  3. Add Mrs. Dash Seasoning as Desired.
  4. Bring to Boil.
  5. Let Simmer.
  6. Serve with craxkers and shredded cheese.
  7. ENJOY! Dont forget to leave a review!.