Easiest Way to Prepare Delicious Thai coconut lime soup

Thai coconut lime soup. Authentic, bold, and delicious Thai flavors make this soup irresistible! This is the best Thai coconut soup I've had. You won't be disappointed with this one!

So fresh and flavorful, this chicken soup is not too heavy, not too dense, just the perfect creamy soup with the delicious combination of coconut and lime. It's easy to make, with roasted chicken from the deli at your. Learn how to make Thai Chicken Soup With Coconut and Lime. You can cook Thai coconut lime soup using 12 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Thai coconut lime soup

  1. It’s 1 lb of Shrimp or chicken.
  2. You need 2 can of Coconut milk.
  3. You need 2 cup of Chicken broth.
  4. You need 4 of Lemongrass stalks, bruised and chopped.
  5. It’s 10 of Kaffir lime leaves.
  6. You need 1 can of Mushrooms.
  7. Prepare 1/4 cup of Lime juice.
  8. It’s 3 tbsp of Fish sauce.
  9. Prepare 1/4 cup of Brown sugar.
  10. You need 1 tsp of Curry powder.
  11. It’s 1 tsp of Red pepper flakes.
  12. You need 1 of Red chili peppers, five to ten..

Marion's Kitchen is packed with simple and delicious Asian recipes and food ideas. Stir the bruised chillies, fish sauce and sugar into the soup. Turn the heat off and then add the lime juice. Taste and season with extra fish sauce or lime juice to taste.

Thai coconut lime soup instructions

  1. Boil coconut milk and broth. Add lemongrass and lime leaves, simmer 10 min..
  2. Strain out spices, add mushrooms or bamboo shoots and cook for 5 min..
  3. Stir in lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, and curry to taste. Add cooked shrimp or chicken and red pepper flakes..

Creamy and flavorful, our Easy Thai Coconut Soup is the recipe you've been looking for. "This was delicious. I blended the vegetables so my kids could eat it without the comments. I would recommend to add the lime to taste after you plate. This Thai coconut soup is all about the coconut curry soup broth, so other than that, it's really up to you what you put in it. I feel like I say this with almost all my savoury recipes…. but I guess that's a good thing! 😂.